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Dispute Resolution & Litigation Lawyers, Auckland

Reputation. Respect. Results.


Dispute Resolution & Litigation Lawyers, Auckland

Reputation. Respect. Results.


Our lawyers are some of
New Zealand’s top Litigators.
We offer our clients pragmatic, effective legal advice designed to resolve disputes quickly and favourably. We’re committed to getting the best possible results.

Our Legal Practice Areas

How we can help.

Construction &
Building Disputes

Construction and Building disputes are an inevitable part of building projects. They can however be effectively managed, if not resolved, if dealt with promptly. Delays can be expensive for all involved.

Defective Buildings

Defective buildings are part of New Zealand’s reality. The problems have evolved from weathertightness issues or ‘leaky buildings’ to include inadequacies in structure and fire protection systems.

Property Issues

Property issues can be wide ranging and difficult to navigate. We have extensive experience in property related matters and an impressive network to ensure you get the appropriate assistance from the outset.

Body Corporates
& Unit Titles

This area of the law presents a myriad of issues and is not surprisingly specialist area.  It can therefore be a minefield for the uninitiated.

Contractual Disputes

Disputes between contracting parties is fairly common place. How best to navigate these disputes effectively and achieve the desired result may not always be simple.

Insurance Disputes

We understand insurance cover and the issues that can arise when claims are made under a policy of insurance. We represent insured parties in respect of disputed claims and prosecute claims against insured parties, or the insurer directly.


Insolvency has its own technicalities and peculiarities which are often not properly appreciated or understood.  Jeanne Heatlie specialised in insolvency for many years and has experience in many international jurisdictions.

Lawyer to

Lawyers often do not have the particular skill set that their own clients may require in a specific matter. We often assist other lawyers in litigation matters for their clients.

Areas of Legal Expertise

We are lawyers based in Auckland. We however provide advice and litigation assistance to clients throughout the Country and to clients living abroad with property or other interests in New Zealand. FIND OUT MORE

While we are often described as litigators, we consider all stages of dispute resolution of equal importance. Litigation is as far as we are concerned a last resort but is at times unavoidable.

Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties to a dispute agree to attempt to resolve their differences through the facilitation of a mediator with the assistance of their legal advisors. FIND OUT MORE

Adjudication is an initial dispute resolution process imposed by the Construction Contracts Act 2002. It is what is sometimes referred to as a ‘quick and dirty’ or ‘pay now, argue later’ process. FIND OUT MORE

Arbitration is generally a dispute resolution process that the parties have agreed to, and are most often contained in their written agreement or contract. Arbitrations feature most prominently in construction disputes. FIND OUT MORE

Litigation incorporates both Court and Tribunal hearings.  We have been involved in many cases over the years, a number of which have been significant for the development of New Zealand jurisprudence. FIND OUT MORE

Appeals and reviews involve a process whereby a decision of a Court or administrative body is challenged. FIND OUT MORE

Built from the ground up

Solid reputation

We have developed a solid reputation as problem solvers. The majority of our work comes from client referrals, our fellow professionals and experts with whom we’ve worked.

The common denominator is that all these people have had first-hand experience of working with us.

We strive to maintain this reputation and constantly develop and improve our skills to deliver an incomparable service to our clients.   

Hundreds of cases

A history of resolution

We are skilled litigators. We are also sensible and pragmatic people. We also care about our clients. We take time to understand exactly what our clients wish to achieve, manage their expectations of what’s possible, chart the course, and accompany and guide them along the journey.