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Contractual Disputes

Disputes between contracting parties is fairly common place. How best to navigate these disputes effectively and achieve the desired result may not always be simple.

Disputes can relate to payment of money or performance of one or other terms of the agreement. It is important to ascertain the terms of the agreement, issues in dispute, remedies available and whether there are any dispute resolution processes prescribed in the agreement.  

  • Applicable legislation

    There are various pieces of legislation that might govern a particular contract and any disputes and remedies that may be available thereunder. It will be important to ascertain whether the specific relief you have in mind is in fact available, and if not, the alternative remedies that are available.

  • Contractual claims

    The nature of the remedy sought will determine the type of claim to be made and in which Court any proceeding should be brought. Claims may be for the payment of money, compensation for loss or damages, specific performance of an obligation, or an injunction. Ascertaining the right remedy is key to resolving these disputes effectively.

  • Negotiation

    Once the procedure and available remedies are better understood, the parties may consider it preferable to attempt to negotiate a resolution of the dispute. We have extensive experience in advising and representing parties at negotiations, whether informally or through a facilitated mediation.

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