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Mediation is a voluntary process where the parties to a dispute agree to attempt to resolve their differences through the facilitation of a mediator with the assistance of their legal advisors.

A voluntary process

The mediator will facilitate discussion of the issues in dispute, explore the risks and costs for each party of litigating the matter, and ascertain the appetite of the parties to reach a compromise.   

  • When to mediate

    In our experience, mediation should occur when both parties are properly prepared.  This usually means that it will occur at a developed stage of a dispute where the issues and evidence to be relied upon is properly understood.  It is not unusual for draft evidence or at least position papers to be exchanged before mediation.

  • Is mediation generally successful?

    Almost all matters are capable of settlement at mediation if the parties are properly prepared, advised and represented. We are experienced in mediations and have successfully settled the vast majority of disputes that our clients have been involved in through mediation in advance of trial.

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