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Insolvency by its nature exposes all involved to a range of legal and commercial issues relevant to the insolvent person or entity. Experience and technical skill in understanding the implications of insolvency are essential.

Insolvency involves both specific and general skill and experience. Jeanne Heatlie specialised in insolvency for many years and has been involved in matters extending over several international jurisdictions. Her experience and technical skill are essential to providing wide ranging insolvency advice.

  • Company insolvency

    Company liquidations are not uncommon in the current environment. They affect all involved with the company including its directors, employees, funders, suppliers and creditors.  Their rights and entitlements will be quite different. It is important to understand the appropriate procedures to effectively assert diverse rights and interests against the company through its liquidator or receiver.  

  • Bankruptcy

    The term bankruptcy technically applies to an individual’s insolvency.  Being adjudicated bankrupt has implications for a person and the continued operation of any business.  It is important to understand the practical and legal implications of bankruptcy. 

  • Insolvency litigation and procedures

    Insolvency litigation and procedures may involve statutory demands and associated applications; applications for liquidation, bankruptcy adjudications, applications for asset recovery, search and freezing orders (or Mareva type injunctions) to preserve assets and evidence. There is often urgency in insolvency matters and experience and skill are essential.

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