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We are skilled litigators. We are also sensible and pragmatic people. We also care about our clients.

We take time to understand exactly what our clients wish to achieve, manage their expectations of what’s possible, chart the course, and accompany and guide them along the journey.

Our major contributions to NZ jurisprudence

Supreme Court

A successful judicial review allowing the time for claims made under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act be extended.


We successfully defended owners in a section 74 scheme from being unfairly charged with the cost of repairing common property.

Uptown Court of Appeal

Clarified in a section 74 scheme that there is no presumption that work should be paid for by utility interest.

Brisbane Trust

A summary judgment dismissing a claim against an owner for the deck repair that was a roof to other units.


The first court decision on reallocation under section 126. We successfully defended an unfair reallocation of repairs to our clients.


The largest award in a building defects (leaky building) case.


The first case to consider how a body corporate can overturn a contract signed when a developer controlled it.


Clarified that an owner can claim for the cost of repair to common property independently of the body corporate.

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