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Practice Areas

Insurance Disputes

We can provide advice on all insurance related matters. We do not act for any insurers so there is unlikely to be any conflict in assisting on any matter relating to policy coverage.  

Insurance cover is often tangential to the main issue which is about the merits of a claim against the wrongdoer. Whether the wrongdoer is covered by insurance or not may be an important consideration, but is not necessarily the issue.

  • Insured’s claims under an insurance policy

    Insurance disputes generally arise when coverage claimed by the insured is contested or declined by an insurer. The insured may claim against the insurer directly if the declinature is unwarranted. The terms of the policy and actions of the insured will be relevant to that determination.

  • Claims against third parties covered by insurance

    Claims against a wrongdoer who is insured under a policy of insurance may in certain circumstances, and if coverage is known about, include the insurer as a party. It is therefore important to establish whether or not the insurer is capable of being directly cited and whether there is merit in doing so.  

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