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Practice Areas

Property Issues

It is imperative to identify the exact nature of the issue at hand to ensure it is appropriately and effectively dealt with by the appropriate specialist, or sometimes more than one.

Property related matters often involve issues relating to different areas of specialisation. It is imperative that there is an understanding of how these issues interrelate before giving advice to a client. A failure to appreciate the broader implication of advice can be problematic. 

  • Property disputes

    Property disputes generally involve competing interests in property. The rights and obligations of the parties is most often found in contract or in an instrument registered on the title of the property. While commercial or conveyancing lawyers are likely to have advised the parties in agreeing the terms of their relationship, a property litigation or disputes lawyer will likely be needed if there is a dispute.    

  • Co-ownership, joint-tenancy, commercial and residential leases

    Whatever the nature of the property dispute and whether as owner, landlord, tenant, mortgagee, mortgagor, insurer or other stakeholder, we can assist you.  We understand property.

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