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Litigation incorporates both Court and Tribunal hearings.  We have been involved in many cases over the years, a number of which have been significant for the development of New Zealand jurisprudence.


The airing of a dispute in Court

Litigation involves the airing of a dispute in Court at a hearing before a judge. Litigation incorporates matters that proceed on the basis of either written and oral evidence. The Court Rules often determine how a particular matter is to prosecuted and heard.

  • Litigation services

    We offer litigation services in relation to all civil disputes. We have specialist knowledge in matters relating to property, construction and building; body corporate, unit title disputes, debt collection and asset recovery.

  • Our process

    Before embarking on litigation, it is essential to fully understand the case that is to be presented and to have confidence that it has prospects of succeeding. Litigation is expensive for all involved, but particularly for an unsuccessful party who may in addition face adverse cost orders.

  • Our cases

    Some of the more significant legal decisions we’ve been involved in can be viewed here.

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