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Arbitration is generally a dispute resolution process that the parties have agreed to, and are most often contained in their written agreement or contract. Arbitrations feature most prominently in construction disputes.

Be heard sooner with arbitration

The arbitration generally proceeds much the same as a court hearing but is often less formal. The arbitrator presides over the hearing makes a decision which is binding on the parties to the dispute.

  • The benefits of arbitration

    The benefits of arbitration are that the matter is generally heard sooner than if heard by a Court. It can however be an expensive process as the parties will jointly pay the arbitrator’s costs which will include preparation time and hearing time which can both extend over several weeks.

  • The import of the arbitrator’s decision

    The arbitrators decisions remains confidential to the parties. There are no public records of arbitration findings and no precedent on which to draw. There is often no appeal available to challenge the arbitrators decision which will be final and binding on the parties.

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