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We are lawyers based in Auckland. We however provide advice and litigation assistance to clients throughout the Country and to clients living abroad with property or other interests in New Zealand.  


We are first and foremost problem solvers

We use our technical expertise and significant experience in conjunction with common sense and strategy to provide the best solution for our clients to their particular problem.

  • The type of advice you can expect

    We do primarily civil work. We provide legal advice covering all areas of civil law, including property, construction and insolvency advice. Civil matters may involve criminal activity. It is important to understand the difference between civil remedies and criminal prosecution.

  • Our process

    We will from the outset explain the potential challenges that may be faced and the costs involved. We believe in managing expectations.  We generally prefer an approach of ‘under promise and over deliver’. We aim to provide value to our clients from the first appointment and achieve a desired outcome. 

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