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Construction & Building Disputes​

Construction and Building disputes require skilled and effective management to avoid what can be costly delays or even the suspension of building work.

Guiding you through the process

Identifying the most effective strategy for resolution of these disputes is key to keeping a project on foot whenever appropriate and possible. We have experience in both large-scale and residential building projects and are able to support and guide you through the entire process

  • The Construction Contracts Act

    The Construction Contracts Act 2002 regulates the contract. It provides the parties with remedies to facilitate payments under the contract and the resolution of disputes. The majority of disputes involve payment claims. It is advisable to consult a building dispute lawyer with experience in this type of dispute to guide you.

  • Construction Contract Payment Claims

    Payment claims must be responded to within the time agreed or if not agreed, within the time specified under the Act. Failure to properly respond to a disputed payment claim will prevent that claim from being contested, at least in the short term, and will result in the claim becoming immediately payable and enforceable in Court.

  • Payment Schedules

    Responses to disputed claims are made through the issue of a payment schedule which must set out in appropriate detail the nature and extent of the issues in dispute. The dispute will then be decided through a process of adjudication, arbitration or the Court.

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